Our support services

Designer, manufacturer, distributor, installer, and maintainer, ANAVEO is easily distinguishable from the competition thanks to comprehensive services that begin at your site’s audit. All of our solutions are tailored to your budgetary and operational limitations and include user support from training to maintenance.

Audit and consulting

ANAVEO is an electronic security specialist and carries out an audit of your site as well as an in depth analysis of all of your needs. ANAVEO will recommend custom solutions that are suited to yours and will adapt with them as they change over time. 

Turnkey installation

ANAVEO’s teams of technicians arrange the installation of chosen solutions with professionalism, efficiency and without interrupting your current security setup so as not to disrupt the site or point of sale’s organisation. Upon signing you are informed of the estimated date of installation, so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises!


With the aim of allowing you to independently operate your system, ANAVEO’s training is included in our commercial offers and begins as soon as the equipment is installed. A trainer will come to your site to help users in setting up and using their equipment according to their needs. Please note that ANAVEO is a certified training body and therefore offers financial coverage.

Customer support

The availability of sales and technical teams, their geographical proximity and interpersonal skills all play a vital role in the quality of our support and our service. ANAVEO has made every effort to be as close as possible to its customers, of whom none are located more than 250km away from one of our 11 branches.


ANAVEO SYSTEMS and VAE, subsidiaries of ANAVEO, are APSAD certified and authorised to perform installations according to very precise specifications. According to your site and any of your insurer’s requirements, the proposed installation can be made to comply with APSAD R81, R82, I7/F7 and R55. VAE is also QUALIFELEC and ISO 9001/9002 certified.


All of the systems designed and installed by ANAVEO comply with current legislation. Our expertise and advisors guarantee an installation that is fully compliant with the administrative procedures that are required by law. ANAVEO will obtain any official authorisation necessary for the operation of your system for you.

Hotline, Maintenance, and After Sales Service: unique services

If a technical issue occurs, the Hotline is available for telephone assistance and can request involvement from After Sales Services, send replacement equipment to your site, or send a technician. The ANAVEO teams ensure periodic maintenance, automatic updates to new software versions, and if necessary, effective emergency operations for your security system.

Progressive leasing

ANAVEO‘s security solutions are available for sale or as part of a progressive leasing contract. Therefore whenever the product becomes more efficient, legislation changes, or new needs arise, you can change your previous generation equipment with a product at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

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