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Securing and monitoring businesses and commercial buildings

With 20 years of experience in electronic security for Businesses, ANAVEO knows the issues you face :

Protection des clients

Protection of people and property

Securiser les acces au batiment

Perimeter surveillance

Gestion des entrées et sorties

Managing comings and goings

Surveillance des parking

Car park surveillance

Surveillance des lieux

Hotspot surveillance

Sécurisation des zones dangereuses

Monitoring dangerous areas

Access control

Access control

Tracabilite des process

Traceability of quality processes

Our adapted security solutions

A comprehensive, connected security solution

With GlobalSecure®, you manage all of your security modules from a single screen. Security systems of one or more sites are all interconnected so as to enable rapid local or remote information processing, thus limit the need for of security personnel.



ANAVEO CCTV uses intelligent image analysis, which allows you to do without security personnel: the system will alert you at the slightest alarm so you can act quickly both locally or remotely via your tablet or mobile. A major deterrent and guarantee of safety for your staff, ANAVEO’s solutions allow you to keep an eye on all of your sites at once, monitor hotspots and provide evidence if necessary.

Access control

The ANAVEO configurable and customisable access control system allows you to manage personnel access by associating video with each clock-in.

Your restricted areas are better protected thanks to pre-defined time slots, and you can more easily manage guests and staff.

Access Control
Intrusion detection solution

Intrusion detection

The detection speed of our anti-intrusion systems, whether it be detection of individuals or perimeter monitoring, enables you to react quickly in order to prevent thieves from doing any damage. Connected to ANAVEO’s CCTV system, the videos related to these triggers will be automatically saved for evidence or a retrospective search.

Remote surveillance

Thanks to ANAVEO’s remote surveillance solutions, you can do without costly security companies and feel more secure when your site or sites are not active. Video verification occurs practically in real-time as video from your site is immediately sent and displayed on the remote monitoring station’s screens. Whatever your site’s hotspots are, you will gain peace of mind and avoid false alarms.

Remote surveillance
Fire solution

Fire detection

As an employees access establishment, one of your major concern is to maximize the security of your site especially against the fire risk. Fire is one of the leading causes of shutdown, ANAVEO offers you a range of products which meets your needs and specific risks of your establishment. Opt for the quality of our solutions to quickly detect heat, smoke or flame and keep your staff and visitors safe.