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Town hall and local authorities

Securing and monitoring Town halls, Administrative Bodies and Local Authorities

Fighting crime in municipalities is a priority in your action plan. ANAVEO’s comprehensive security solution brings you much more than conventional CCTV coverage and can respond to all the issues you face :

lutte contre la délinquanceFight delinquent behaviour and antisocial behaviour

Détection de personne

Detecting suspicious people or groups

Protection des bâtiments

Protecting municipal buildings and public spaces

Surveillance des parking

Monitoring parking areas

Surveillance de la voie publique

Monitoring the public thoroughfare

Access control

Controlling access to main sites

Sérénité des habitants

Resident peace of mind

forces de l'ordre

Aiding law enforcement

Our adapted security solutions

A comprehensive, connected security solution

GlobalSecure® allows you to control all of your security modules from a single screen with the same ergonomic advantages. CCTV, access control, intrusion, and remote surveillance systems all communicate with each other for a comprehensive overview of the situation at a glance.



The ANAVEO CCTV system uses intelligent image analysis, which allows you to limit the need for dedicated security staff: the system notifies you at the slightest alarm so you can act quickly both locally and remotely (via smartphone or tablet). Our CCTV solutions are customisable and allow you to optimise your security system using high-definition images for formal identification, multi-site management, day or night detection, or number plate recognition.

Access control

The ANAVEO configurable and customisable access control system allows you to strengthen identification processes by associating video with comings and goings and optimising the management of visitors to various sites, particularly during peak times. Videos or images generated by the individual clocking in are immediately displayed or stored in order to spot, for example, identification errors or badge theft.

Access Control
Intrusion detection system

Intrusion detection

The detection speed of our many anti-intrusion systems allows you to respond quickly or even to pre-emptively to stop thieves from doing any damage. Connected to ANAVEO’s CCTV system, the videos related to these triggers will be automatically saved for evidence or a retrospective search.

Remote control

Via its subsidiary RM Sécurité, ANAVEO provides a remote surveillance service in order to sustain resident security and ensure law enforcement effectiveness. Video verification occurs practically in real-time as video from your site is immediately sent and displayed on the remote monitoring station’s screens. 

Remote surveillance
Fire detection systems

Fire detection

Many sites in your municipality or locals communities have the obligation to equip themselves with a fire safety system. Sometimes isolated or not always occupied, you have as main constraint to alert as soon as possible in case of detection of heat, smoke or flame. To maximize the security of your sites whatever their activities and to quickly secure users, your staff or visitors, ANAVEO offers you solutions which meet your needs and specific risks of your site.