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Transport and Logistics

Securing and monitoring warehouses and logistics centres

With 20 years of experience in electronic security in the Transport and Logistics sector, ANAVEO knows the issues you face :

surveillance périmétrique et périphérique

Perimeter surveillance

Gestion des entrées

Managing comings and goings

Surveillance intrusion et vol

Fighting internal shrinkage

Traçabilité marchandises

Package traceability

Surveillance des zones de stationnements

Car park surveillance

surveillance des zones de stockage

Hotspot surveillance

Access control

Access control

Our adapted security solutions

A comprehensive, connected security solution

With GlobalSecure®, all of your security modules are accessible from a single screen. For an accurate and comprehensive picture of events, all of these systems communicate with each other allowing for immediate video verification.

CCTV solution


ANAVEO CCTV uses intelligent image analysis, which allows you to do without security personnel: the system will alert you at the slightest alarm so you can act quickly both locally or remotely via your mobile devices. Our solutions optimise your security system: cameras on mobile trolleys for full coverage of your warehouse and a perfect package traceability, plate recognition for better delivery vehicle tracking, whether in transit or parked.

Access control

ANAVEO access control is customisable so you can ensure identification of personnel by combining the video of anyone entering or leaving your warehouses or accessing site hotspots, such as high value material storage areas. Videos or images generated by the individual clocking in are immediately displayed or archived so you can spot identification errors of badge theft.

Access Control
Intrusion detection system

Intrusion detection

Our powerful anti-intrusion systems are perfectly suited to perimeter surveillance, which for you is a major issue. Fully customisable, our solutions provide you with the certainty of detect people in predefined areas, thus eliminating false alarms. Connected to ANAVEO’s CCTV system, any detected intrusion is confirmed via image analysis or thermal camera and the video systematically saved for evidence or a retrospective search.

Remote surveillance

ANAVEO and its subsidiary RM Sécurité provide a remote surveillance service for optimising your site’s security during closing hours. Video verification occurs practically in real-time as video from your site is immediately sent and displayed on the remote monitoring station’s screens. This will allow you to quickly deter malicious behaviour and end truck vandalisms and fuel theft from car parks.

Remote surveillance solution
Fire detection systems

Fire detection

Regardless of your stored or in transit product type’s, one of your major concern is to maximize the security of your site especially against the fire risk. Fire is one of the leading causes of shutdown, ANAVEO offers you a range of products which meets your needs and specific risks of your site. Opt for the quality of our solutions to quickly detect heat, smoke or flame and keep your staff and stocks safe.