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Our smart solutions for your safety

With ANAVEO, the most advanced security technologies are dedicated to your security. All of our security solutions are interoperable to fit your needs and provide you an optimal security of goods and people.
Find the right surveillance and security solution to fit each your needs !

Intrusion Detection

Remote surveillance

Access Control

Fire detection

AI and CCTV solution against shoplifting

SuspectTracker is a CCTV revolution. Thanks to AI, this CCTV solution is able to analyze in real time suspicious behavior,
detect a potential theft situation and send an alert to the right persons. SuspectTracker continuously improves it-self
by comparing images to theft sequences brought together in a constantly updated database.
SuspectTracker is a major step forward in the fight against shrinkage and efforts to reduce the number of in-store thefts.

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Our 12 french agencies allow an excellent national network for perfect proximity and responsiveness with our customers.
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