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Health Institutions

Securing and monitoring health institutions (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes)

With 20 years of experience in electronic security in the health sector, ANAVEO knows the issues you face. 

Protection des patients et des visiteurs

Protecting your customers and staff

Dissuasion des individus

Fighting unidentified inventory shrinkage

Surveillance et protection des lieux sensibles

Deterring malicious behaviour

Surveillance des stocks

Stock surveillance

Contrôle des accès

People counting

Sécuriser les accès

Personnel access control

Surveillance specifique pour les patients vulnérables

Point of sale management

Our adapted security solutions

A comprehensive, connected security solution

With GlobalSecure®, you manage all of your security modules from a single screen. For an accurate and comprehensive picture of events, all of these systems communicate with each other allowing for immediate video verification. You will gain both time and money whilst ensuring the total security of your or your institutions, both locally and remotely.



Our CCTV solutions are customisable and allow you to optimise your security system. You can constantly keep an eye on areas identified as hotspot, on visitor or staff car parks or the ER and reception areas. A guarantee of safety for your staff and a major deterrent tool any individuals with malicious intent, ANAVEO CCTV is your best ally for the prevention of violent behaviour and enabling formal identification.

Access control

With security being paramount within a health institution, ANAVEO offers fully customisable access control. You can limit access to hotspots such as analytical laboratories, medicine storage areas, or treatment rooms, and improve the process of identifying individuals by associating the video to each coming and going. Videos or images generated by the individual clocking in are immediately displayed or stored.

Access control solution
Intrusion detection system

Intrusion detection

The detection speed of our anti-intrusion systems (alarm and tracking systems, infrared sensor or window breakages, etc.) allows you to react quickly, both locally and remotely Connected to ANAVEO’s CCTV system, the videos related to these triggers will be automatically saved for evidence or a retrospective search.

Remote surveillance

Via its subsidiary RM SécuritéANAVEO provides a remote surveillance service. The remote monitoring station has almost real-time access to video collected your site or sites in order to quickly deter potential malicious behaviour and react quickly in an emergency. Limiting reaction time even when the premises are no longer accessible provides peace of mind for your staff and patients.

Remote surveillance
Fire detection systems

Fire detection

As a public establishment, you have the obligation to equip yourself with a system of fire detection. ANAVEO offers you a range of products which meets your needs and specific risks of your site. As fire is one of your major concern, opt for the quality of our solutions to quickly detect heat, smoke or flame and keep your staff, patients and visitors safe.