Intrusion detection

Detecting intrusion, triggering a siren or other type of alarm... ANAVEO’s intrusion detection solutions excel at these functions and possess another essential benefit: the ability to communicate easily with other security modules for optimum verification.

The benefits of ANAVEO’s intrusion detection systems  

Incredibly effective

With a processor that is up to 4 times faster than the industry standards, the ANAVEO alarm system is able to react within a few fractions of a second: upon being triggered, the alarm and video are sent either to the user, or to a remote monitoring station for immediate verification. 


Activating an area, neutralising a detector, observing system’s overall state… All of these functionalities are remotely accessible in order to be adapted to a situation. The alarm system can be connected directly to the authorised personnel or, optional, to the PSTN or GSM network and to a remote surveillance PC.

Flexibility and Scalability

The range of ANAVEO alarm systems is capable of handling from 1 to 60 areas or more. It therefore adapts to your needs and evolves alongside them. It is possible for it to be integrated with GlobalSecure® and for an Access Control module to be added so that all issues can be managed with unmatched efficiency. 

Complies with regulations

According to your site and any of your insurer’s requirements, the proposed installation can be made to comply with APSAD R81 standards. 

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