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Access control

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The benefits of ANAVEO’s access control systems

AccessTracker® is ANAVEO’s access control solution that allows you to ensure the security of your premises and the protection of people and property in real time and at your own convenience.

Reliable and effective

AccessTracker® allows you to determine site and hotspot access rights according to modular time slots or previously configured restrictions.

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Access control with CCTV check

Centralised and secure

Linked with the CCTV system, AccessTracker® provides the ability to record each passage with customisable settings. Therefore with each coming and going a camera or a dome will systematically position itself on the person clocking in. You can then check live or in replay if any identification errors or badge fraud has occurred.

Flexible and versatile

Capable of handling from a few to several hundred doors, AccessTracker® is specially designed to adapt to and accommodate your needs. It can be equipped with an intrusion detection module and be integrated with GlobalSecure® in order to become the backbone of your security system. 

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