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The benefits of ANAVEO’s intelligent CCTV

Truly intelligent systems, ANAVEO’s CCTV solutions optimise the monitoring of people and property, and adapt to all of your needs and all installation types. The VisioTracker® range came about from the successful marriage of ergonomic design and the most sophisticated surveillance technology

Multivision: up to 72 channels on one screen

It saves space and provides a better quality/price ratio -both very desirable qualities. Available from 4 channels up to several hundred, Visiotracker® adapts to the development of your needs.

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hd videosurveillance anaveo

High resolution: see everything

VisioTracker® handles all resolutions from CIF to 4K! Thanks to HD, you get picture quality that is 9 to 20 times more detailed than a standard resolution… and when it comes to CCTV, the higher the resolution, the more detailed and sharp the image !

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Remote access

With the ANAVEO Viewer® option you can access your VisioTracker® from home or from wherever else in the world from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. In just one click you can your sites, take control of the viewpoints and playback sequences that caused an alarm.

A proactive system

VisioTracker® alerts you in real time of any occurrences that may interest you based on predefined parameters. You therefore efficiently manage your sites and limit the mobilisation of staff dedicated to monitoring the screens.

Alerte automatique
multisite cctv


Both locally and remotely, VisioTracker® allows you to observe viewpoints from multiple sites. Thanks to customisable settings, all channels will be displayed on one screen!

Unique on-rails CCTV technology

In addition to a wide range surveillance cameras, ANAVEO also offers CurveTrack®, a unique mobile CCTV system. A small carriage equipped with a 360° dome moves silently within a rail suspended from the ceiling and concealed by flexible tint-less mirror-effect windows. The movement of the small carriage and control of the dome provide excellent video coverage. 

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Human detection by video

Human detection by video

An integratable option for VisioTracker®ZoneTracker® means you can be certain of automatically detecting any human intrusion within a selected area and according to a predefined scenario. Using its 3D real-time image analysis, ZoneTracker® doesn’t just report the presence of an intruder in an area, it is capable of analysing the type of intrusion and to associate this alert with specific instructions to be followed. Each instance of suspicious activity detected is reported in real-time to authorised personnel allowing for action to be taken for any damage is done.

AI and CCTV solution against shoplifting

SuspectTracker® is a CCTV revolution. Thanks to AI, this CCTV solution is able to analyze in real time suspicious behavior, detect a potential theft situation and send an alert to the right persons.
SuspectTracker® continuously improves it-self by comparing images to theft sequences brought together in a constantly updated database. SuspectTracker® is a major step forward in the fight against shrinkage and efforts to reduce the number of in-store thefts.