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Fire Detection

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The benefits of ANAVEO’s fire detection

Regardless of your company’s activity, fire is a major concern as it may cause a total shutdown of any type of facility. In order to maximize your serenity, ANAVEO offers a wide range of fire detection systems.

Detect and act

ANAVEO offers detection systems of smoke, heat or flame in order to alerting you as soon as possible and taking necessary measures (sirens, pre-recorded message…) to avoid or limit damages. 

detection fumee
detection incendie materiels fiables

Efficiency and reliability

Whether you are a public or workers access building, an industrial site or a tertiary building, ANAVEO offers you systems and solutions adapted to your risks and your expectations. 

Performance and Compliance

In strict compliance with the standards in force, ANAVEO offers you a complete and efficient range of products allowing early detection and rapid safety procedure: detectors, fire alarm control panel, fire safety control panel and alarm equipment. 

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