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Global Secure® is THE electronic security solution, allowing for all of your security systems to be interconnected and monitored from a single screen !


Simplicity and Ergonomics

Thanks to unique ergonomics, you oversee the entirety of your security system from a single screen. Activating a detection zone, changing access rights, viewing images associated with an intrusion detection… Many features in a few clicks.

Screens GlobalSecure
GlobalSecure - interopérabilité


With GlobalSecure®, the modules communicate amongst themselves, sending you accurate and relevant information to understand the context of each event.


Thanks to intelligent image analysis and real time alerts transmission, the important information is sent to your PC, tablet or smartphone allowing you to react faster

GlobalSecure - IA
Pilotage à distance

Remote Control

You monitor the entirety of your security directly from your tablet or smartphone. You act on the module features from anywhere

Flexibility and Scalability

GlobalSecure® adapts to the size of your site as well as your needs: each function can be completed and/or installed over time so you always have an ideal solution.

Modularité & Evolutivité